Run Rabbit Trail Festival

The multi-distance weekend Trail Running Festival from the team at Race Harborough.

Set in the beautiful grounds of Marston Lodge, near Market Harborough.

Back Again in May for 2025!
Saturday 17th & Sunday 18th May 2025 (Date TBC)


The Challenges

A unique chance to test your endurance.  3 separate running challenges that can be entered as standalone events or together they form The Quest…

The Festival

At whichever level you choose to participate, the festival is the place to meet and chill with like-minded runners…


Trail Mix Challenge


Test your speed, agility and endurance with a different 5km, on the hour every hour, for 5 hours.


Headlight Hop


Take on the trails in the early evening. Best start eating your carrots now!


Thump Trail Half Marathon


Trail half marathon; hills, woodland, hills, scenery. Did we mention hills?


Quest for the Golden Carrot


The ultimate quest! Complete all 3 challenges and earn eligibility for the Carrot Dash. Will you bring home the Golden Carrot?

Why take on The Quest?

56.1 km is a milestone for some and a walk in the park for others. The broken-down nature of this weekend event presents the ideal opportunity to take your running endurance to new levels, or if you’re an experienced runner, test your speed and strategy as you blaze each trail. There’s a real mixture of surfaces, scenery and seriously challenging undulations, so there is a test to be found for all.

More than a race…

The Run Rabbit Trail Festival aims to bring runners of different levels and expertise together to share the experience of their encounters over the two days. Individual goals are different, so everyone has a story to tell. In addition to the entertainment on offer, it’s sure to be a memory making event.


Trail Mix Challenge

Saturday 17th May
A unique test of speed and endurance, 5 different 5k, on the hour, for 5 hours.

Medal for all finishers.

Headlight Hop 10k

Saturday 17th May
Trail 10k on the beautiful trails in the early evening.
Stay for events after…

Medal for all finishers.

Thump Trail Half

Sunday 18th May
A scenic trail half marathon to kick-off Sunday morning!

Medal for all finishers.

The Quest

Sat 17th & Sun 18th May
Take it all on with entry to all 3 challenges.

Medal & extra bling!

About The Festival

The Run Rabbit Trail Festival was created as something special  – a unique quest that will challenge runners of all abilities, as well as showcasing other activities and local businesses that are important to us.

Organised by the team at Race Harborough, whose ethos is to deliver quality, friendly, inclusive, and enjoyable events in beautiful surroundings, at fair prices, and with minimal impact to the environment.

From the founder:

“There really isn’t a challenge quite like The Quest.
Big distances, serious hills and, if you are to walk away with the Golden Carrot.. you’ll need lightning speed”

Brian Corcoran – Co-Founder, RRTF

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