The Challenges

Run Rabbit Trail Festival

Sat 7th & Sun 8th May 2022

3 seperate running challenges, or 1 epic quest?

The Quest for the Golden Carrot

If you are up for a serious challenge, then The Quest is for you.

Complete all 3 events totalling 56.1km over the 24 hour period, and the exclusive quest bling is yours.

For the elites, the top 6 males and females (lowest cumulative time) will then qualify for the Carrot Dash.

This is a ‘winner-takes- all’ 1 mile race to win one of two exclusive Golden Carrot trophies.


Trail Mix Challenge

You’ll do a different 5k course on the hour every hour for five hours. 25km sounds like a lot of running… But broken down into five chunks, with time to rest and make sure that you are nourished and hydrated, we know that it is manageable for most runners that have completed 5km and 10km races previously.

10k Headlight Hop

This is a twilight run formally known as Race Harborough’s ‘Marston Trouble 10km’ event. It contains seriously rolling hills and seriously beautiful views across the estate. The route snakes along multi-terrain tracks across farm land and in and out of forest sections.

Thump Half

This two lap route that will provide an interesting challenge whether it’s your first half, you’re accustomed to road, or you’re a seasoned marathoner – it is a testing, rolling route. If you wish to, there is an option to make this a 10km run by completing one lap only. 


Trail Mix Challenge

A different 5km, on the hour every hour, for 5 hours. Test your endurance and your speed with this unique challenge.


Headlight Hop 10k

Take on the trails at twilight. Best start eating your carrots now!

(Marston Trouble route)


Thump Half Trail Marathon

Trail half marathon; hills, woodland, hills, scenery. Did we mention hills?


Golden Carrot Quest - 56.1k

The ultimate quest! Complete all 3 (56.1k in 24 hours) and earn eligibility for the Carrot Dash.

 The Routes

Trail Mix Challenge – no way!
(the element of surprise is part of the challenge…)
Headlight Hop 10k
537 ft elevation
Thump Half
492 ft elevation

If you’re viewing on a mobile device and one of the routes (shown below) doesn’t load straight away, hit the scroll arrows a couple of times.
It’s a bug, sorry – we’re working on it! 🙂

Thump Half 2022 route & elevation

Headlight Hop 10k - 2022 route & elevation