This year we have some new faces to introduce in the shape of our 2020 RunRabbitTrailFestival ambassadors…


“Keep smiling, keep running!”

Hiya, I’m Leanne! I’m just another runner whose been putting one foot in front of the other since ’17, trying to achieve things I never thought I would or could! I ran Run Rabbit Trail Festival ’19 and loved it, it gave me the much needed confidence booster to take on the trails. I’m now a qualified run leader, ultra-marathoner and love running with likeminded people! I’m excited to be back for The Quest in ’20. My running mantra is ‘keep smiling, keep running’ – I even have this tagged onto my shoes (in case I’m having a bad run!)



“Running really is for all!”

I’m Abby! I began running in 2015, when I was 25, going from couch to marathon in the space of 11 months in memory of my cousin. Since then my love for running has grown and I’ve gone on to complete even more marathons across Europe and in the US. Along the way there’s been tantrums, tears, happiness and laughter but one key thing remains and that’s my enjoyment for running. My ethos is clear in that we are all runners – as I continue to share my enthusiasm and show others that running really is a sport for all.