Welcome to Run Rabbit Trail Festival!

As you may have heard, The Run Rabbit Trail Festival is a new event by Thump Events Ltd, a collaborative side project involving the Race Harborough team.

As interest in our new event grows, we hope your excitement is building about what we have planned for you in May.

The festival site is a venue some of you may have visited in September, for our inaugural Marston Trouble event, so you’ll know just how great the venue is. Well, that 10k trail run is now called the Headlight Hop and makes up one of the 3 separate running challenges set out as part of the festival. Take on them all, and you take on The Quest for the Golden Carrot, which in turn, earns you eligibility for the final Carrot Dash, a ‘winner-takes-it-all’ sprint finish for the top quest contenders.

There’s a real mixture of surfaces and scenery and seriously challenging undulations. It’s the perfect place for the first Run Rabbit Trail Festival.

We think that between the three events, there is a challenge that suits everyone. Browse the website to get a feel of the event, and take a look at the Challenges & Routes page for specific details.

If you’re already willing to take on The Quest, or any of our individual challenges, head straight over to RiderHQ, our chosen registration platform, choose your challenge.